What You'll Learn

  • Session 1: Scale to $10 Million or More

    Are you creating a job for yourself or a business that can survive without you? It's important to build brand equity, scalable business models, strong teams and innovative solutions. Your instructor, Victoria Davenport, shows you how.

  • Session 2: Find & Hire a Great Team

    It's hard to find good help but we'll make it a little easier. It's the key to growing a scalable business; however, many entrepreneurs aren't sure how to recruit, motivate and retain good talent. Your instructor, Tawana Rivers, will show you how.

  • Session 3: The Key to Millions

    The strength of your community determines the growth of your blockchain business. Your instructor, Audrey Taylor, is a successful community manager who helps blockchain entrepreneurs grow 8 figure companies.

Course curriculum

Course Price

For all 3 classes within this course. Does not expire.