Our Mission: One Million Blacks in Blockchain

All too often, black people across the diaspora are the last ones to catch on to a new technology. As a result, we miss great opportunities to build wealth and blaze paths in new industries. Not this time!

Black Blockchain Consultants' (BBC) mission is to help one million black people find blockchain jobs, start blockchain based businesses, invest in blockchain projects, and create generational wealth due to the technology.

BBC is a network of blockchain novices and seasoned professionals who collaborate to understand blockchain technology, where it’s headed, and how we can profit from the $3.1 trillion industry. We recognize the power and potential of Blockchain and are utilizing our network to educate, empower, and equip our members for the greatest transfer of wealth since the creation of the internet. We are one of few networks working to utilize the power of Blockchain to close the wealth gap. 

As a BBC member, we build blockchain skillsets as a group. We take online blockchain courses at "The Center for Blockchain Studies", and work to master the curriculum. We utilize our network to collaborate on projects, build businesses and keep each other sharp on the subject of Blockchain.

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