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Learn how this transformative technology will deliver value for everyone who uses the internet. Discover how understanding blockchain technology TODAY can impact your TOMORROW!
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About This Book

Our young people are our future and we believe in offering them information that will help them select well paying careers and future-cast how the world will change around them. 

Blockchain is a $3.1 trillion industry. It's expected to disrupt how data is gathered and protected, how companies raise funding, how international business is done, and more. Youth ages 14-18 need to understand the importance of this technology and how it will impact their lives.

Written by Jacqueline Hayes, Blockchain Basics TEEN Edition Course helps teens:

  • Explain blockchain technology in practical terms
  • Understand the history of blockchain
  • Develop a working definition of blockchain to share with others
  • Explore blockchain mining and its relation to Bitcoin
  • Identify the types of blockchains, their characteristics, and features
  • Identify blockchain educational paths and career outlooks
  • Outline the benefits of blockchain

Course curriculum


Never heard of blockchain? Don’t understand what it is and how it works? NO PROBLEM. This book is a thorough and easy to understand guide on the basics of blockchain technology. Author Jacqueline Hayes --BBC's own-- encourages you to introduce teenagers to blockchain technology.