What's Happening in Blockchain from Our Point of View?

11 Hours of Blockchain Content from a Black Perspective

What is blockchain? How will it impact the black community in the United States, Caribbean and Africa? What types of careers are available to non-coders? What are the best businesses to start? We’re hosting the first all-day virtual conference that focuses on blockchain from a black perspective. Some of blockchain’s biggest influencers will join us to discuss what’s happening in the industry and how we, as a people, can take advantage of it. You can connect with them from the comfort of your home or desk. Black Blockchain Consultants is a network of blockchain novices and seasoned professionals who collaborate to understand blockchain technology, where it’s headed, and how we can profit from the multi-trillion dollar industry. Our mission: to help one million black people find blockchain jobs, invest in blockchain, build blockchain businesses and gain wealth through the technology. Learn the basics of blockchain, opportunities that are available, how blockchain is helping blacks across the diaspora, and how we can get a piece of this multi-trillion dollar business by working together.

Sessions Included

  • Blockchain Basics: What is Blockchain? with Cheree Warrick, Dr. Kecia Waddell, Eric Spence (Black Blockchain Consultants)
  • Blockchain & Tech Disruption: How Technology Cycles Create More Wealth and the Next $100 Trillion Market with special guest Mark Moss
  • Blockchain Use Cases: How The Tech Is Being Used & Where Industries are Headed with Talisha Shina (Moderator and Healthcare Expert), Nofisia Morrisseau (Healthcare Expert), Eugenia Miller (Whitepaper Expert), Eric Spence (Tokenization of Asset Expert)
  • Blockchain Careers for the Non-Coder with Tawana Rivers (Moderator), Maureen Murat (Crowdie Advisors), Bettinna Justinien (Betty Media), Trekk (Blockchain Content Writer and Thought Leader)
  • It's a Family Affair: Teaching Technology to the Family and Community with Tatiana Fortune - Interviewer; Kendra Emereum (CryptioRitas)
  • Revolutionizing Healthcare with Patientory with Nofisia Morrisseau and Talisha Shine (Interviewers), Alonzo Sexton, MD (Patientory)
  • The Interdependency of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence with Interviewer: Cheree Warrick  Guest: Anne T. Griffin: Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Product Manager and Advisor
  • Blockchain in Africa with Interviewer: Cheree Warrick  Guests: Yaliwe Soko and Anita Mukuchamano (United Africa Blockchain Association)
  • Creating a Popular Crypto Podcast with The Gentlemen of Crypto with Dr. Kecia Waddell (Interviewer) King and Bitcoin Zay (Gentlemen of Crypto)
  • The Future of Blockchain, the Path to Mass Adoption, and How Black People Can Participate with Eric Spence (Interviewer) Paul McNeal (Crypto Curator), Alon Goren (LA Blockchain Week), Gerard Dache (Government Blockchain Association), Chris Jones (Dragonchain)
  • Blockchain in the Caribbean with Stefen Deleveaux (Caribbean Blockchain Association); Interview: Perez Mattison (Black Blockchain Consultants)
  • Blockchain +Interoperability= BlockInterop with Gina Malak (BlockInterop,CEO|CTO); Charron C. Collier ( Co-Founder, COO); Dr. Kecia Waddell (Interviewer - Black Blockchain Consultants)

Course curriculum